some honey benefits

Honey is a natural product that has many therapeutic properties for the body. Over time it has been considered as a real medicine to be taken in different circumstances for the prevention and treatment of small health problems.

Biological and raw honey is the most suitable variant, since it has not undergone industrial processes that could deprive its nutrients.

It should also be remembered that some pediatricians advise not to give honey to children under one year, considering the danger of any infections due to the possible presence of botulinum toxin, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and avoiding children get accustomed to early too sweet taste, condition that could influence the food choices in the future.

Here are some beneficial effects of honey on the body.


According to Tel Aviv University, honey is a natural alternative to common cough syrups when taken in the evening before going to bed


Applied to the skin for topical use, honey was a therapy well known by traditional natural medicine, a treatment that was then forgotten with the arrival of penicillin and pharmaceutical ointments for burns and abrasions. Especially in the "Manuka" variety, honey would contain a quantity of hydrogen peroxide which would make beneficial its application as an antibiotic and disinfectant on small skin lesions.


Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, honey can be applied to the skin in case of insect bites, with particular reference to mosquito. The anti-inflammatory properties of honey would in fact alleviate the itching and redness caused by the contact of insects with the skin.


According to some studies under development, honey could cure the inflammation of the skin caused by acne, with reference to the infections of the sebaceous follicles of the face, chest and back. 


Honey is rich of polyphenols, in other words natural antioxidants that help our body to prevent the appearance of many diseases and slow down the aging process.